Today I Noticed

“Musings” in a blog title is a euphemism for ‘unemployed.’ 

The last thing twenty-something blogs consider is that they’re twenty-something blogs. 

Feminist blogs talk about every problem but a problem. 

Blogs that have found the ‘epitome’ haven’t.

Relevance, noun. A word used in artsy blogs to indicate the opposite. Ex., “The Relevance of My Musings.”

2 thoughts on “Today I Noticed

  1. I’m not sure there could ever be one word that sums up the vast expanse of blog posts. To some it’s a muse, but I think we’ve all seen blogs-as-pedalogical devices, or a way to keep track of a group project. Sometimes they have very direct, even simple goals that seems to preclude any space for ‘musing.’

    I was thinking something like this, but multiplied across WordPress.

    Is it a problem that a guy asked her to his room? Is it a problem that Richard Dawkins, a very good biologist but certainly not known for his sympathy, had a cynical remark? Or is the feminist movement, as Rachel Shteir recently pointed out in the Chronicle, has this generation’s feminists become “Stepford wife-ish?” A little, cute selection of problems that we can all complain about, perhaps even solve, but problems that no one is really ‘on the other side’ about. Like Naomi Wolf’s book, I don’t think anyone cared much less was ‘on the other side’ about her orgasms.

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