Today I Noticed

Judicial activism, n: the result of a decision that contradicts one’s own beliefs.

I have heard that social sciences are not sciences, they’re humanities. If that’s the case then the sciences must be the inhumanities.

“Forward!” The current administration’s admonition that reflects their awareness that we do not like what they have done previously and we like less what they are doing right now.

Privileged, adj. A signpost used to indicate the end of calm, reasonable discussion. “You are privileged, thus!” Alternatively, “I am less privileged, so.”

Atheists, n. The most oppressed people on the internet. Go ahead. Ask them about it.

Literature, n. A manuscript where the editor doesn’t know three or more words.

Myriad, n. Used too often.



2 thoughts on “Today I Noticed

  1. Nope, sorry. According to their own words, christians are the most oppressed group in the world. Ok, they may also be a big majority, but ALSO so very oppressed.
    If you ask me, atheists are not the most oppressed people. Most people who are oppressed by religion are, ironically, believers themselves. And no, a banana is not an apple, but that doesn’t make it a pear.

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