Half a dozen ps…

Half a dozen psychiatrists had certified him as ‘normal’–‘more normal, at any rate, than I am after having examined him,’ one of them was said to have exclaimed, while another had found that his whole psychological outlook, his attitude toward his wife and children, mother and father, brothers, sisters, and friends, was ‘not only normal but most desirable’–and finally the minister who had paid regular visits to him in prison after the Supreme Court had finished hearing his appeal reassured everybody by declaring Eichmann to be ‘a man with very positive ideas.’ Behind the comedy of the soul experts lay the hard fact that his was obviously no case of moral let alone legal insanity.

Hannah Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem

I think this quote, and her book, is particularly noteworthy in light of Rolling Stone’s latest cover.

One thought on “Half a dozen ps…

  1. I think you are correct.

    And with Eichmann what I see is a man who thought the end justified the means, without the constraints of good and evil, and that’s what makes him a parable for some in out time.

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