4 thoughts on “Buckley and Vidal

  1. Wow, that’s fabulous. You won’t see people like this on the news any longer, any more than you will see a broadcast of a symphony orchestra on network TV during prime time. Not that we don’t have eloquent people any more, they’re just not put on TV.

  2. What I like is that they don’t spout talking points at each other. They actually debate. Yes, they sling barbs back and forth, but it’s clearly sport to them. I favor Vidal, myself, but you can tell he likes having a formidable opponent.

  3. CBS would be horrified to have these two gentlemen on these days, everybody else would sound as stupid as they are. Kevin is correct, I believe they were having great fun by the look of it.

    I will have to disagree with his favoring Mr. Vidal though. This campaign is when I became conservative and Bill Buckley had much to do with it.

    But if we’re completely honest, they both would be conservative today, as would Jack Kennedy.

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