Fretting About the Opera

Fretting About the Opera

I don’t know what the actual title is, but I like mine better. I’m not a fan of the opera. I’m so young it’d come off as pretentious. I suppose that assumes I’m not already tirelessly and tiresomley pretentious. Oh well. 

I love a little fretting. There’s nothing better. Goodbye to all that, but at least we should attend the funeral. 

One thought on “Fretting About the Opera

  1. Eh, never heard them, although I used to listen to the Met on radio, and actually had tickets for the Lyric in Chicago, it was kind of fun. But in truth, if you want to be ‘the People’s Opera’ do operetta, Gilbert and Sullivan sells in dinner theater. Get over being so uppity.

    Pretentious? You? Seems unlikely, at worst. And fretting is fun.

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