On Israel-Palestine

I struggle to think of anything but the recent problems in the Middle East, especially Palestine, because I am only impressed by the futility and needless embitterment that is happening throughout my small circle of periodicals I read–as though all parties concerned know very well that nothing is being achieved under the pretext that something is being done. The conflict is not about to be fixed by awareness raising or any other tactic so loved by my generation–these last few months have proven, from Egypt to Syria to Russia and back again to Jerusalem that the men with the largest weapons win. Whether for better or worse: ‘moral’ victories aren’t. More importantly, dear reader, you don’t matter. I don’t matter. The world spins and we are animals dying on a plain.

Yet out flows all sorts of nonsense, as if this was merely some political question that enough hackneyed and trite declarations will solve. 

If there is any position taken by my blog about a political event, then I will promptly close it. This blog is only for learning new things, appreciating things and looking at things. Politics has little place here and where it does exist only when it interferes. Like here. The muse, as medieval scholars wrote to conclude, is silent. Let another take off where it ends. 

“I was born in 1860, just before the War of the Rebellion. I don’t remember it, of course; I was too young. I don’t remember my father either; he was killed in the first year of the war, at the Battle of Shiloh.” He looked quickly at Stoner. “But I can see what has ensued. A war doesn’t merely kill off a few thousand or a few hundred thousand young men. It kills off something in a people that can never be brought back. And if a people goes through enough wars, pretty soon all that’s left is the brute, the creature that we–you and I and others like us–have brought up from the slime.” He paused for a long moment; then he smiled slightly. “The scholar should not be asked to destroy what he has aimed his life to build.”

The quote is from a book, dear reader, you should promptly buy. 

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