Call me Amyclae. I’m not sad, depressed, moody or even happy. I can be a bit overwrought, at times, but that is only to entertain you (dear reader).

This blog will have my random thoughts, observations and a few ramblings about history, also Goya’s nightmares. I am not an academic. I am, however, interested. I’m working on becoming the related but elusive adjective interesting.

I can’t write anything original. I was born with that flaw. I inhabit comment sections. Link me a blog post of your’s and while I will not promise to be nice I will promise to give you something to reply to.

33 thoughts on “About

    • Putting a blog link in front of me is like putting a pot pie in front of me… I’m going to ravish it and, hopefully, not make myself look like too big of a buffoon.

  1. Hi, Max! I’ve nominated you for the coveted WordPress 5 in 1 Award. If you want to participate, you can read the rules here: http://wp.me/p3sx1Q-dM. Participation is not required. In fact, you might be upset that I’ve nominated you, but think of it this way: with the 5 in 1, you won’t be nominated for any of them ever again!

  2. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. My flaw (one of many) is that I can write original stuff, but I can’t write comments! At any rate, will visit here often and am looking forward to reading the post on Camus.

  3. Thank you for liking my post on Norman Mailer. Your work seems very provocative. We need more people speaking, as fewer do, and many of them suffer consequences for doing so. We all have become a bit to sensitive. If you are looking to comment on something, my recent post at NotebookM was about Venezuela and, well, tits.

    • I definitely accept! Sorry for not getting to this sooner. My phone must have eaten my reply. I’ll get on this once I get back from daily activities tomorrow.

    • I’ve just been so swamped with work, as you can see from the abrupt drop off in my posts. I did see your nomination, was touched but I didn’t want to fire off a half-done comment or post accepting. But I guess I’m doing that, here. In any event, thank you. I’ll be there shortly.

  4. Dear Amyclae, If you’re still writing, I’m following. But are you still writing? (Your last post is dated August 2014.) I hope so. I should hate to think I’ve just discovered you five months after you’ve gone!

    • Unfortunately I have taken something of a sabbatical from the blog. I am still writing, but for myself and a dear other. But feel free to read, and enjoy. I will come back.

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