A Liebster Award

I was recently nominated for an award by RaiBal at Rain’s Writing Realm. Her mental decline is evident because she neither nominated my blog ironically nor insincerely. She genuinely seems to enjoy something that is written on here. I am willing to give her a pass, however, because she was simply desperate to fill out the eleven-spot list and threw my blog’s name in a rush of adrenaline that obscured rather than heightened my failings.

Part of the process is that I must list 11 facts about myself.

1. I’m interested, but I’m not interesting.

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Too Busy Reading

Excuse me, dear reader, for not regaling you with what happens inside this head. I am too busy reading. I hope you understand. 

Until we meet again I do want to direct you to some interesting articles and assorted links. 

Boorish, Venal and Brilliant. 

A brilliant little documentary about a former Marxist turned monk. A little reminiscent of a cross between Thomas Merton mixed in with some Terry Eagleton if either of them could learn the ability to be quiet. 

Vice Media is crushing it. 

I can’t really explain what this but I like it.