A One Off

One-off does not mean merely “unusual”; nor does it mean “like Halley’s comet,” coming back once in many blue moons. The one is off by itself, standing alone, pristine in its singularity. The compound adjective and noun means, in my mind, “without precedent, easily copied but impossible to perfectly reproduce or clone.”

Hello, dear reader. I am going to start something to accompany the somewhat standard ‘Today I Noticed’ blurbs with a few posts titled ‘One Off’ or ‘Another One Off.’ It’d be something small. Appetizing, I hope, but still small. Perhaps a photo but more often a link. 

The first one-off will be about the etymology of the word. Happy reading.

Also, dear reader, feel free to post links that you find interesting.

Today I Noticed

Drone, n. An unmanned aircraft or ship guided by remote control. 2. Vice President Biden.

Problematic, adj. Used by sloppy thinking.

Change, n. First term: change. Second term: a marginally higher minimum wage for some federal and state employees.

Pininterest was made by guys. The site’s purpose is to raise the interest level of significant others in interior decorating, getting fit and cooking food.

How peculiar is it that the only people unafraid to be politically correct are old-line liberals.

Bitcoin, n. A way for older generations to show that they’re still ‘with it.’