Christopher Hitchens On North Korea

Reason and Politics

christopher-hitchensYesterday’s nuclear test by North Korea was nothing if not predictable for those familiar with the regime’s bizarre form of logic. I won’t waste your precious time here denouncing the nuclear test (although I do) or expressing exasperation with the irrationality of their leaders (although I share the sentiment).

One of the hardest things for Westerners to understand is the true depth of depravity stemming from the North Korean regime. Words like “tyranny” or “oppression” are thrown around towards topics such as gun background checks or voter ID laws to the point where they lose the punch they might have once had. When applied to the regime in Pyongyang, the extent to which these trusty words have been diminished is painfully evident; they cannot do the job alone.

To assist me in explaining the reality of North Korea I’ll recruit a man who traveled there to see for himself, the late Christopher…

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