Why Do Young People Become Atheists?

Why Do Young People Become Atheists?

Something that is very interesting.

Christianity: “A polite form of humanism.”

Church service: “Shallow, harmless and ultimately irrelevant.”

“Positive feelings for those Christians who unashamedly embrace Biblical teaching.”

Atheism didn’t start in high school but was already there

“With few exceptions students would begin by telling us that they were atheists for exclusively rational reasons but as we listened… it was a deeply emotional transition.”

9 thoughts on “Why Do Young People Become Atheists?

    • I am relieved. I worry that I am alone in my fascination, or close to it, with the intersection of frothy sociology and Christian apologetics (or, really, religion of any kind). I am not alone!

  1. This might apply to the southern states of the US where superstition still plays a very large role in peoples lives, but its not the experience in other developed nations, like Australia. A-theism is the default position of a human being at birth and returning to it is remarkably easy. All one has to do is look at religion with just a mildly curious eye and it crumbles without much fuss.

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